The 4 Month Table

Due to some insane and ridiculous series of events, it took over 4 months to transform this table.  It sat in the garage in between phases and taunted me, louder and louder with each passing month….”Finish me…Finish me…FINISH ME!”


Here’s how I found it…$4.00 at the Goodwill Outlet.

I didn’t take enough before pictures, but the top is MDF and was gouged, and even burned in a few places….I think this table’s owners had anger issues….

So the CC filled all those places with epoxy….

sand down the epoxy and old paint….

Then sandblasted the metal base when we were blasting the outdoor furniture.

I never showed you one of the tricks we find necessary when sandblasting…sieving the sand…..

We pour the sand through a window screen to catch the coarser bits that clog up the nozzle of the blasting attachment.  It really makes all the difference!

See?  That stuff will mess you up.

Much better.

Then, prime, paint, sand, paint again…nothing exciting…just plain white.  Sorry for the crappy photos…this room is way dark with difficult angles away from the window and I had no time for styling….then again, I never do…I’m a renovator first.

13 thoughts on “The 4 Month Table

    • admin says:

      Thanks! No, the couch is actually one the the few newish items we have…got it a few years ago at the West Elm outlet and reupholstered.

  1. admin says:

    $4 For reals. The Goodwill Outlet has sick deals now and again…but it “ain’t for the faint of heart….”

    • admin says:

      Hey Nick! Geez…I guess it’s half junk instincts – (junkstincts)? and half blind faith! Knowing that it’s purely cosmetic helps too. When you have to structurally rebuild something… it worth it? Something you plan to paint will always be more forgiving than dealing with wood veneers and solid unfinished woods. You can hide a multitude of sins under paint, as long as it’s smooth!

  2. nkp says:

    Seriously? I can’t believe it’s even the same table. Four months is a small price to pay. It looks incredible. I think there is nothing the two of you couldn’t do. If you sense a hint of envy there, yes, you would be correct.

    Our kitchen table is an oval tulip table. No chance I’m showing my husband that this road was even a possibility. I’m keeping your blog on the downlow. ;0)

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