Fawn Love

In all the craziness this week, we still manage to take time to admire our little friends of the forest.

Their coats are changing from caramel to grey…fall is here.

This year we had a surprise visitor…

I think that his days may be numbered.  This is the first time in our three years here we’ve seen a rabbit.  There are so many predators, but this one has managed to escape the hawks for the time being…good luck Thumper!

2 thoughts on “Fawn Love

  1. Kathy@myinteriorlife says:

    So cute! I love all the deer around us here near the Warner Parks. We actually have tons of rabbits around our house and neighborhood. Not sure how they’re making it, but they do (despite the hawks). I actually too a photo of one yesterday before my dog scared it off.

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