16 thoughts on “Exterior Tour Update

    • ModFruGal says:

      Thanks! Brandy-The white ones are Aarnio knock-offs that came from White on White in NYC probably 8 years ago, and the black ones around the fire are Ikea Vagos.

  1. Laura says:

    As my grandma would say, your outdoor space is the berries!

    As a fellow Nashvillian, I’m curious as to how you repel the hordes of bloodthirsty insects that plague us every summer. I hate a damn skeeter.

    • ModFruGal says:

      Laura-We are big fans of Off Powerpads, the lanterns you buy with the blue inserts that create smoke. They work! I also douse myself with a homemade concoction of Rose Geranium Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Eucalyptus Oil mixed with distilled water and a splash of alcohol. Smells good and works great for ticks.

  2. Tandy says:

    I desperately want to paint my house (wooden siding) black, but I’m hearing an awful lot of reasons not to (fading, “popping”, peeling…). I live in Michigan on a fairly well treed lot but the house itself definitely sees some sun. Can you share your experience with a black finish and/or recommend a paint manufacturer? Thanks!

    • ModFruGal says:

      Hi Tandy- I’m afraid the dark finish on my house won’t be comparing apples to apples since our siding is metal, and not wood. The color comes pre-applied on the metal. Having had houses with wood siding in the past, I can confirm that the maintenance is ongoing every few years, no matter the color!

  3. Christina says:

    Oh, and I forgot to ask about the hog panels. Love them!! Do you purchase them ready made or do you have to DIY them? Where do you get the material? I have a suburban deck that needs a little mod.

    • ModFruGal says:

      Christina-The panels are pre-made at farm supply stores, but we had to DIY the framing and rails. Hope that helps!

    • ModFruGal says:

      Kathy-The proportion of Rose Geranium is higher since we have a lot of ticks…say 5 to 1, but you can adjust for your needs..and scent preference!

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