This past year has been a bit crazy, which brings me to a place where I am considering mixing things up a bit around here. As I have been working on yet ANOTHER website for my job as a Realtor, I wondered if there is any interest into glimpses of that life over here?

I am lucky enough to spend a lot of time in various homes in the Nashville area, and it might be nice to share some of what I see in my work with my shelter junkie buddies. I’ve tried to be pretty careful about not mixing the work with the fun/social spot that Modfrugal has always been for me, since I figured no one cares about my job…but maybe getting back to some of the old “real estalking” posts would be a fun way for me to mix my work and fun? Whaddya think?

Here’s a teaser: A local celeb’s house just went on the market this week- designed by my fave local 70’s mod architect Robert Anderson…Drool away my friends!!