Best Find

When Chairish asked me to do a post on my best find, I was flattered and terrified all at once.* I am TERRIBLE at picking favorite anythings. 95% of my furnishings are vintage/previously loved, so how do you even qualify such a thing? Is it the piece that has the most value in relation to what I paid? Is it the most rare? It’s like asking a parent to pick their favorite kid, you can’t – you love them all equally, yet uniquely.

Then it hit me – the piece that has probably had the most impact in my home, and how I have decorated around it, seems to be what I should choose. But it has no provenance that I am aware of; shouldn’t I choose something with a pedigree like my Barcelona or Wassily chairs?! Nope. At the end of the day, our no name sofa made our house a home. We’ve had it almost 5 years now, and no regrets.

The architecture of our house called for something with a 70’s mod vibe, and I had envisioned De Sede and Pantonova in the living room, but my budget had other ideas. I scoured Ebay, flea markets, antique malls, estate sales, and craigslist (pre-Chairish era) for months until I found it, lonely in Florida, photographed in front of a dumpster. $480 of curving allure. While that’s not dirt cheap, it’s a LOT of sofa for under $500 in my opinion. Ebay did not fail me.

It seats 10, but we find most often it seats 6-8 and everyone feels comfy and not crowded. It had no tags, labels or identifiers of any kind and I have never been able to find another one online or otherwise, so I am still in the dark (if you know – please share!!) but it anchors our home.

When we first brought it home, I didn’t have the right table to go in the center, so that evolved over time…

lr sectional sofa modfrugal

sectional with Tulip Overload 3 LR

modfrugal curvy sectionalModrugal Living Room Horse/sofa

This is where we are lately….the sofa works best with the 3 level swiveling brass and glass table. Friends can swing a level out closer to them to hold food and drinks, and for family gaming.vintage curved sectional modfrugal

otto modfrugal

sectional modfrugalWho knows what’s next, but whatever it is, it will revolve around this sofa for a looong time.

*Chairish is not paying me; this is NOT a sponsored post.