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Platner Poser

September 25, 2009

I just can’t help it….I look at a Warren Platner inspired trashcan from Chiasso and there it is – Hey!  Make it a table!  Is nothing sacred?  Apparently not.

Glass is cheap….get a piece cut and there’s your bargain.  There is one caveat…it would be a far more stable surface if you flipped the can upside down.  That said, I’d actually prefer it that way with a top of onyx or other natural stone.  For such a small area, you could get a remnant or scrap piece for probably $25 or less.

Big style, small price, and customized to your taste.

Platner for Knoll Side Table $662  at All Modern

Platner for Knoll Side Table $662 at All Modern

Chiasso's Waste Can for $28

Chiasso's Waste Can for $28

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