Friday Flea

I had to be quick at the flea today….so I couldn’t go in every nook and cranny….

I thought that yellow dinette was perfect for some youngster..4 chairs total.

I loved this….it’s actually a bench to some huge organ, but it’s too tall to be a bench in real life…but could be a great console….

My attraction to orange has not waned…..

I got excited when I saw this….

Then less so at $175……

The thing I’m wishing I’d picked up for the booth the most…..

These fab end tables…dammit.

Looking at the photos I hate myself now…it was hard to snap these as I was smushed up against an armoire to get this weird angle.  They SO won’t still be around later…That’s what I get for hiking 4 miles before the flea…fuzzy judgment.  Have a great weekend!