Fun Stuff

The major retailers are rapidly filling up my recycling bin with all the fall catalogs…so I thought it might be fun to share a few things I saw before tossing….

Zig Zag Pillow from UO $32

Pod Table from UO $110

This knock off has been around for years now and I still want one.  Chiasso has one now too, but more expensive.

Furliscious Beanbag from PB Teen $199

Andrew Bannecker printed canvas from UO $48

Wood/Resin Boxes from West Elm $14/$22

Vilmie Blom cushion from Ikea $10!!!

Cachao grellow chair from CB2 $100

Hive Storage unit from CB2 $80

Too bad it takes a lot of these to really make an impact…which makes it too spendy…but I’ve always loved hive shelving.

Saw this in the new Ikea catalog, but it’s not showing up online in their products yet…LOVE it.

While indoor window shopping was nice, I need to get back to work in the 100° sauna. I’m working on another vintage fixer upper for outside, of course.