Year Four

I can hardly believe I just typed that. Four years?! It seems impossible, but there it is. We have been in this house 4 years now, and my little corner of the interwebs has hit the four year mark today.

New readers wanting to play a quick bit of catch up can see previous recaps for Year One, Year Two, and Year Three.

This was the year of getting small things done. Not a lot of big and involved projects = less posting. Sorry about that, but you don’t really want me to show up for nothing, right?

Smaller DIY jobs like a new outdoor movie screen, painting the treehouse, dealing with a drainage problem, protecting the firewood, as well as smaller scale craftiness like a the troll brothers, wooden garland, Dr. Who ornaments, and easy nonslip rug adaptations. I had yet another chance to rehab some chrome with soda, and I knocked out some other vintage chair rehabs here and here.

I closed the e-bay store since I was swamped with other things, and having only 3 items in the shop at a time didn’t make sense for the fee structure of a storefront. I’m still selling things here and there, but from my personal account. I’m always going to be selling items on the side, but I’m looking forward to getting deeper into my ceramics this year…maybe I’ll even have some pieces to sell, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

The only major job that got done was the very satisfying accomplishment of the half bath. I can finally stop apologizing to guests about the state of the facilities. I think as I do some revamping around the site, I’ll add the half bath to the tour of before and nows.

We traveled a bit this year.  Colorado, Smoky Mountains, Maine and England. And we enjoyed being home quite a bit too. Especially the back deck in early summer. We think we have given up on creating a ground level patio off of this area due to the ground slope and drainage, and will eventually build another lower deck. Maybe in the fall, maybe next year?

I did a little guesting around the internet last year…with Tabitha of Life À la Mode (here), Gabrielle of Design Mom (here), – outtakes from the DM tour (here) and with Jamie of Owl Really (here). It was a thrill, and an honor to participate in each and every one of them.

I still hit up the flea market every chance I get, and I still love sharing those trips with you. I ADORE hitting far away flea markets with internet friends, don’t you? When I see the title of a post on the Rose Bowl Flea, I settle in with the popcorn…it’s just one of those things.

Huge thanks to all of you, new and old, who take the time to stop in and share your thoughts. I’m always thrilled to hear from you, even if it’s to tell me to get off my ass and “Post the new sink pics already!” I will try to do better in 2013 with timeliness, my volunteer schedule made that really hard this year, but now that I have gotten the hang of those responsibilities, I think I can manage it all better.  For those impatient with my pitiful posting, you know where to find me……you’ll always get the goods first on Instagram.

Thanks again, and let’s kick off 2013 and do this kitchen thing…OK? I have a fun update on that front coming soon….


Photo taken at Brandy’s house on the 4th of July…so much fun!!