Turquette + Wildlife Update

Yes, I KNOW female turkeys are hens.  The great white hunters in my family would be appalled if I got that wrong.  But that’s what I’m calling this one particular hen who likes to hang out in the treetops above the woods path.

Ain’t she sassy?

In other wildlife news, we finally spotted this years fawns in the yard last week, but all my snaps have been blurry!

Still no sign of our baby owls, but the grown-ups were having a major hootfest in the forest last night and woke me up from my treehouse slumber.  When the fan is off, the wildlife can be loud, and I’m saying right now, the first time the coyotes kill on our ridge when we are sleeping in there-that noise is going to give us all a heart attack.

We’ve seen a coyote pup twice in the past week.  We NEVER see the coyotes.  The CC is all excited about it…me? NO WAY.  It makes me worry all this will happen IN OUR YARD.

Easter Tanager

Don’t worry, I have some exciting treehouse updates coming…but it must wait, for today, Easter Sunday, the Tanager returned.  Remember our old friend, who mercilessly wakes us at dawn and continues attacking the glass ALL DAY LONG?  The good looking one?

He’s back, and either he has brought home a new bride, or she decided to hear me out last year and this is her way of giving me the bird.  Pun totally intended.

The male and female are hanging out more closely this year, and have decided to take this terrorizing project on as a team.  That’s what happy loving couples do, right?  They sit together on a nearby branch and plan their strategy….

Then they swoop down….she seems to prefer the living room door handle….

..while he likes his usual spot…the back of the sofa.

….and it’s go time!

Young Love.  Happy Easter/Passover/Spring Season!



Joe Jackson – Happy Loving Couples by Pius35

Baby Eagles

Here’s a quick peek at some bald eagle chicks being born. They are expecting another one to hatch today, so you can check back here for updates…

The video can be a little slow, but it’s worth it if you’re into that kinda thing. Skip to minute 8 to see the little fluffball.



Treehouse update for you tomorrow…..

JL Seagull, Alien and a Jackalope

Busy weekend.  After I washed the layers of mannequin make-up off my face, I got in some quality junkin’ time with my bud who was only in town for 24 hours. BTW, I scared more kids with the 80’s make-up than I did the medusa wig…go figure!

We saw some really good stuff Saturday.  I didn’t have my camera, which is always a regret on these occasions.  There was a fireplace set that we are still talking about.  Gorgeous 70’s brass and glass ultra modern delish.  Who didn’t snap it, even with our phones?  Dumb-asses like us.

Knowing that I’m the crazy bird lady, (and she’s still my friend!) she spotted this for me…

I am forever grateful.  It makes me sooo happy.  $20.  All it needed was a Noxon bath.  Now he’s shiiiiiny.  We’ve been calling him Jonathan Livingston Seagull for giggles…he might just be Jonny by the end of the day.

We got a fuzzy phone pic of this groovy sofa..$200.  Great condition.  Neither of us need it, but what a deal.

When I saw the lamp, I gasped loudly and cried out for my friend’s confirmation that I NEED it.  $75? It would be rude not to buy it.  I just sold a chair for $80, so it’s an even swap…right?  RIGHT.  They called it the “Alien Lamp” and I was smitten.  I had wanted an Arco lamp for the living room, but I always knew that something else (affordable) was out there.  Found!

I like hanging out under the alien…it’s like a creepy but comforting light hug.  I’ll post pics from more angles when I update the tour.  The base isn’t all that attractive, so you’re not missing much there.

We rounded out the under $100 day with a Jackalope sighting.  Good times.

Five Finger Discount

Now before you go calling the cops on me….let me ‘splain.  My bud and I were out junkin’ and I brought her downtown to shop the mall where my booth is.  As we stood in booth 50, I told her how hard it was for me to put a certain owl in there.  I had wanted to keep it, of course, but I was resisting my inevitable morph into a crazy bird lady.

She told me I was nuts to sell it, and I, being of weak constitution, took that as all the encouragement I needed to steal it from MYSELF.  Within seconds, that baby was in my purse faster than you can say Winona Ryder.

You can see why I resorted to petty theft…no?  I had paid a hefty $10 for it at an estate sale.

To make you feel a little better, I also got this (another hard to photograph glass piece)..for $3.50.

It’s got a pale purplish hue on the edges with gold and silver speckles…and I SWEAR I paid for it.

Things have otherwise been very un-blogworthy around here, lots of cabinet and closet organization…cuz I know you’re dying to see me clean out under the kitchen sink.  I’m planning on getting back to the tour soon now that I can actually find some things around here.