Luminous Floor Flowers

I’m obviously in a high/low lighting mode these days.  Another fabulous lamp that’s expensive, another budget version from Ikea.  This time it’s the Lily.mgx (or the Lotus.mgx for that matter).  Gorgeous, especially the red ones.  Janne Kyttanen’s design for Materialise is high tech… and high priced at $1129 from Unica.  I have seen it as low as $899 on gnr8, but…you know.

It looks cheaper, (they usually do) is waaay cheaper, but fills the same empty spot in the room with a conversation piece.  Ikea’s Knappa Tulpan is a mere $50.

Bubbles and Light

I am really inspired by the bubble chandelier in this month’s Readymade magazine by Jean Pelle.  It has a Christian Astuguevieille vibe to it with the rope that I think is a clever touch.   It’s a $75 alternative to those who might be longing for the Lindsey Adelman bronze bubble chandelier for a mere $13,400.  Adelman’s work is spectacular, but let’s face it, not in reach for most of us.  Jean’s take is more casual, but, frankly, I like it.  If you wanted to change the cord covering to a more formal material, by all means, put your stamp on it.  If you can’t find the magazine, the step by step instructions are available on Jean Pelle’s website.  Love, love Readymade magazine, but their website is really not up to scratch….pity.


This is old hat to the mod squad, but for those just dipping a toe into the modernist waters, this is the info you want.

Flashback to 1958, Poul Henningsen’s design for the Danish company Louis Poulsen is unveiled: the PH Artichoke.  Still made today – it is stunning in copper or any of the other metal finishes you may choose from…for $7000.00.

44 years later…..enter Simon Karkov for Normann Copenhagen – another Danish designer and company.  In 2002, the award winning Norm69 is released, and froogs like us snap them up…for $110.00.  The Norm 69 is made from lamp shade foil and comes flat packed in  – you guessed it- 69 pieces.  Have no fear, the Normann Copenhagen site has a “how to” video to assist you in assembly.

Nelson’s Turbine Clock

If you love the series of clocks by the late, great George Nelson, you’ll also know that the cheapest one hovers at just under $400.00.  White on White in NYC have several of what I consider to be pretty good knock-offs at half the price.   You’ll see White on White mentioned here more than once as I’m a big fan.  If you’re not trying to curate an authentic mid-century showcase, just the look you can actually afford – these guys are a great resource. They carry furniture as well as accessories.