Tour Chapter 3

I’m finally back on the tour and have added the kitchen…you’ll get to see the new shelf all in place!  For new readers, we did the entire kitchen ourselves with the exception of tiling the back splashes.  At that point we were over it.

The kitchen is actually not finished, but it’s been good enough for the past year and a half while we tackled other, more interesting projects.  We really need to get on that.

To see the kitchen before and now, go here.

Now to update the living room…

Tour-Chapter 1.1 and 2

OK!  Thanks to all for the feedback…it helps!  It would seem you guys would like to peek at a few trinkets now and then and I’m all for it…I’ve tried to incorporate several of your ideas, so I hope you likey.

I’ve updated the Tour page so that I can nest each room under it…it will now serve as a table of contents kinda page, even though it’s all there on the right sidebar.

I’ve also updated the Living Room and added the Entry.

We’ll see how quickly I can add the other rooms since I’ve got a packed week coming…but I’ll try to keep adding in the next few’s the cleaning that takes the longest people…I got kids.

The Tour pages don’t allow commenting for some reason, and I can’t figure out how to change that…sorry!

Tour-Chapter 1

After avoiding it ALL summer, I’ve finally gotten around to devoting some time to the Tour.

Here’s the plan…as I maniacally rearrange update rooms around here, I’ll always keep the most current incarnation…or NOW shots on the Tour.

Now, what I’m curious about is…should I bother with the close-up shots of random vignette-y crap that is so incredibly hit or miss (mostly miss here), or are we just interested in the overall “before and now” sense of things?  Talk to me.

When I get a feel for how it will be most useful, then I’ll start to add some other rooms and maybe add more photos…gotta start somewhere…right?

So, Let’s start the Tour in the Living Room!  Link Updated 9/16

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