Happy New Year!

Have an amaaaazing New Year…be safe and smart, and most importantly, have fun..even if it’s in your PJs.  I’m saving my yearly recap crap for the bloggiversary in a couple of weeks….you’re welcome.

via Tokyo Terrace

I think I’ll be sporting one of these later…nothing accessorizes your outfit like a festive cocktail, no? Cheers to a fantabulous 2011…see ya on the other side!

Holiday Shout Out

The Holidays have me neglecting all sorts of things, like feeding children, “What do you mean it’s been four days since you’ve eaten?” and perusing stats.

A belated thanks to Megan at Urban Casita and Renee at the Modernica Blog for liking our holiday disco action.  I love Renee’s description of it, a “Charlie Brown Disco Tree.”  So true.  Modernica post is here.

Also, a big thanks to sfgirlbybay, and Shelterrific for digging my gift guide!

CC Strikes Again

It’s the CC’s turn to wow you!

Every year, my Crafty Counterpart makes an ornament for the Things….(He shared a couple of his most popular designs here.) ..but he was stumped this year.  What to make?!

I showed him this post by superfabcrafters Derek and Lauren from The Curiosity Shoppe and Smarts and Crafts and suggested that we use some of the leftover veneer we had.  His eyes lit up and I knew he was ON IT.

Next thing I know, he’s calling me to bring the camera and start my clicking.  He knocked these out in a couple of hours.

We don’t have a drill press, so he used a leather punch for the holes.  We had some white oak and zebrawood.  He double sided the center piece, but left all the others as is.

Lined them up and sewed them up.

As you can see, one of the ornaments’ veneer gave under the pressure…no problem.  Just makes a different shape, and now we can tell them apart.

Take a bow babe….

More details will be posted later in the week on his Instructables page, but in the meantime, he can answer questions here in the comments.

Time to Wrap

Those who have been reading for awhile know that I kinda geek out on wrapping during the Holidays.  After all the stress of gathering items on a deadline, sitting down and putting together a nice package is kinda relaxing for me..and I try to make it fun.  Last year, I decided to heat emboss my packages, and this year, I’m recycling an old road atlas for my name tags.

I take no credit for this idea…I saw this post,

via Bugs and Fishes

and then this one.

via Man Made DIY

Both had a DIY tutorial that seemed WAY too labor intensive.  I did it my way…I’m always looking for shortcuts!  Personally, I think my way saved a lot of time.

I had an outdated road atlas from the UK..perfect.  I set my Word document up to A4 size so I didn’t waste space on the pages. (A4 pages are longer than our US 8.5 x 11″ pages)

Instead of making stencils like the other guys, I simply printed my names directly onto the map page and cut them out.  No need to cut stencils, then cut your names AGAIN. How?  Just format your font to outline.  This is how it looks on the screen.

I was excited to use the Neutraface (below) for this….I switched to Arial bold (top) for a softer look for some girls, but experiment and play with it!

Then just print directly onto your map and cut out.

We don’t need no stinkin’ stencils.

UPDATE:  Just did some packages in the Bauhaus font…very groovy!


Yes.  That would be me.  My FB and Twitter followers knew this was coming.  I got an early present.

Are those the same chairs I moaned and pined for here?  Because I live in a smallish town, and there can’t be THAT many people with these hanging around…They are the very ones I saw at my mall that were not for sale.  Turns out, I met the awesome owner of these beauties who runs the vintage clothing section of the mall, and she’s downsizing. They are IKEA from 1986 designed by Niels Gammelgaard. Apparently he also did some moonlighting over at Fritz Hansen, Cappelini…NBD.

Now wait, you say…do you NEED any more chairs?

Why, that would be NO.

Where will you put them?

I don’t know, but I think they’d be great in front of the fireplace…take up less visual space, and if I powdercoat them white….(you roll eyes and stop listening)

So why buy them, you don’t need them and you don’t have a place for them?

This is where sensible people say..”you’re right.” and walk away.   NOT ME.

Because….look at them!  They are fabulous!  So much cooler than Bertoias, and I NEVER see them, and….and, I’m a chairaholic and I need help…but AFTER I buy these…K?

You walk away in disgust…rightly so.

I start singing.