Friday Flea

Flea market is back this weekend so I tried to hit them at set up time and did OK.  I’ll probably go back tomorrow since a lot of vendors simply don’t bother with Fridays.  Like here…

Someone got the memo on Pantone’s color of the year for 2010…….

More letters….

This cracked me up….

It’s a Komodo Dragon with a southern accent….I can hear it now…”Hun, just price that Kahmodah at $675…”

So what did I get?

You know I can’t resist a little asian flair, (imagine orange-ish lacquer), the chair matches my 2 couches…and I’ve just always LOVED these plants and they were about half of what I’ve seen them for everywhere else.  We’ll see what tomorrow yields, if anything.

Friday Flea Part 2

Well, after surfing and polling some wise peeps, I gained a renewed hope for ditching the remaining rust spots on the chrome of my flea market stools.  Cola applied with wadded up aluminum foil is the choice of car enthusiasts on the I figure, why not give it a whirl?

People, can I just TELL you how thrilling, yet horrifying this was?  It works.  I mean really works.  I knew I should give up my once daily diet soda, but I don’t think that will be a problem now.  I can’t believe I’ve been ingesting RUST DISSOLVER. Not cool.  At all.

There were a couple of areas I knew were beyond saving since it had penetrated the chrome, but all the other spots I couldn’t get with the Noxon?  WOW.  Check it out.

before and after

and another before and after

You can see where the chrome is pitted here…but still WAY better than before.

Then, I went back and polished up all over with the Noxon again and…Tah Dah!!!!!

one of the good spots…

It took a lot longer than I expected, but it was well worth it.  They aren’t perfect, but they are miles ahead of where they were, and I lurv them.

Friday Flea

So, I tried a new strategy this month and decided the hit the flea market Friday morning instead of Saturday morning.  Supposedly, they set up Thursday night, but since the weather was cold and wet, a lot of vendors were not set up yet or were in the process of unloading.  I didn’t bring my camera so it wouldn’t get wet in the drizzle.

I picked up another project from one of the dudes ready to deal.  Why is it I NEVER find anything that doesn’t need work?  Sigh.  Anyway… stopped off at the hardware store on the way home and got busy.

I have to research chroming/chrome plating…that would be valuable info for me and the stuff I’ve got.  Body shops?

I got a lot of the crud off, but some of the rust is there to stay…but, I’m OK with that for now..the pleather was in great shape…onward!  Have a great weekend..

UPDATE: I’ve conducted a poll of friends and the Interwebs:  Coca Cola and tin foil is the choice of many for those pesky rust spots…will try in morning and let you know…


….I went to the flea market at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds this weekend.  I’ve never seen SO many people there before…I guess with all the rain, everyone had cabin fever and decided to bundle up and head out.

globes at flea

vintage christmas at flea

I was toodling along, and just as I turned the corner past the mule barn…

mule barn at flea

I saw them….

the letters at flea

I loved them, but did I really need them?  I hadn’t seen everything yet, SO I kept walking…and found myself back in front of them 20 minutes later.  I walked on again to check out the last building I hadn’t been in….when I saw something SO rad…..

I was in love….driven to distraction.  The stag horn sheep I never knew I wanted.  What I didn’t want was the price.

I really couldn’t haggle since I was only willing to pay less than half that…can’t be a TOTAL ass….

SO…..I marched back over to the letters and decided that it was destiny they should still have an “s” and “o”, since I’m a blatant over-user of the word “SO”.  Haggled to $60, which was still too much…but, since I couldn’t have that stag horn…

Third time’s a charm.

UPDATE:  Thing Two thought it was “50”…. anticlimactic, no?