Year of the Tiger

We geek out a little over Chinese New Year around here, so I’ll be posting a few things we like to do leading up to the big day.  This year, the new year falls on Valentines Day, which is great for us since we kind of loathe that particular “holiday”.  We do it up for the kids, but not for each other.  We’ll have a date night another time, when restaurants aren’t slammed, understaffed and overbooked.  I know, I’m a crankenstein, but this works better for us…trust me.

Anyway, back on topic…last year, I made some DIY plum blossom branches, and I still have some of those fabulous DIY dragons left for the Minors to decorate.  This year, I’ll share my fortune cookie recipe (yes, an American creation) and we’ll surely make some new lanterns to adorn the house.  Bowls of oranges, red envelopes with surprises..all part of the fun. Here’s some old snaps from last year to get you in the spirit…..

Blank Dragons

Cookies with kid-friendly fortunes to share with classmates.