Here’s hoping I can save some time by addressing the questions I get asked the most frequently. I will update this page as I go through old emails….


Q: What are the dimensions and rough cost of the Treehouse?

A: The whole platform is 12 x 8 and the interior is 8 x 8. All posts related to the treehouse can be found HERE. We did not do a good job of keeping track of expenses as we went, but we estimate we got it all done for just under $1500.


Q: Do you have blueprints for the treehouse?

A: Sorry, we do not. We sketched out our ideas and measurements on graph paper and winged it as we went along…we are not architects and don’t think we could really replicate


Q: Can you recommend builders or resources for how I can build a treehouse? What did you do?

A: I would suggest deck builders as a good resource for building a treehouse. They will likely require very specific direction from you for the design. Also, I might check Craigslist for carpenters who build custom playsets and forts.

We combed books and websites, and at the end, we just sat down and sketched out our design based on what we thought we could handle with our skill set and budget.


Q: What kind of door is on the treehouse?

A: It is a sliding barn door made with hardware from Tractor Supply. There is a screened door behind it.


Q: Any regrets on the metal siding? Is it black or brown? How did you find your installer?

A: No regrets. It was worth every penny and it still came in less than our best quote for Hardi-panel (cement board) siding. It is a dark brown, not black..we wanted it to blend in with the deciduous tree trunks. I tried several residential contractors and they could not seem to understand what I wanted, so I called a local Galvalume distributor, Music City Metal, and asked them who their best installer was. That’s how I found Dale and Barry. We used Galvalume: 26 gauge, 12 inch striated rib in Burnished Slate.


Q: What is the color in your Master Bedroom?

A:  Phoenix Fossil by Porter.


Q: Why are you anonymous?

A: I finally addressed this after 5 years in this post.


Q: What kind of dog is Otto?

A: He’s a Hungarian Vizsla. We found him though a Vizsla rescue site as a puppy – A breeder who had a sudden change in circumstances and needed to find good homes for his pups quickly.


Q: What is the stain on your hardwood floors?

A: Minwax Ebony – with 2 passes of stain. then sealed with poly. The guys at Verchota Floors got this just the way I wanted it. They wet the floors first to raise the grain and allow the stain to absorb more deeply, then sanded it and put the second layer of stain down. I’ve been very happy.


Q: What is the white countertop in your IKEA kitchen?

A: It’s Quartz, and the color is Blanco Maple by Silestone.


Q: You seem to camp a lot, what kind of gear do you take, and how to you handle meals?

A: We posted about how we “glamp” here.


Q: How is the mailbox attached to the ground?

A: It’s not! The box we built for the mailbox housing is a sleeve with a crossbar that the metal mailbox is mounted upon. The original post in the concrete is still under there to keep it from falling over or getting knocked over.