Switcheroo: Ninja Edition

My Facebook and Twitter followers might have heard me bemoan the fact that I might have to get rid of my faux lacquer asian tables.  The very ones that went on to become famous.  I’ve moved them around quite a bit, but they are kind of large to go just anywhere.  They were not working out as night table storage because we are people who need drawers.  Too messy..no one needs to see lip balm and melatonin, right?!  TMI.

So…. when I scored some bedside tables on Craigslist last week, the asian tables were back in flux, and with the sale approaching, I started to worry the CC might push the subject of selling them.  I simply wasn’t ready for that.  My solution?  Find a place in the house for them QUICKLIKE.  I became a rearranging ninja, and after many room redos, I managed to save them…for now. They are pushed together to serve as a long table between the rattan at the fireplace.


So they are safe…. for the moment.  The next time a favorite household item is threatened, I will quietly emerge from the walls….

via cellardoor

via 8wayrun

…and will silently and stealthily rescue the defenseless.

6 thoughts on “Switcheroo: Ninja Edition

  1. Kathy@myinteriorlife says:

    I can totally see you going ninja to do a switcheroo. You know if you ever need to find a good home for your tables, that I am here for you (and the tables). We can barter if you like. Seriously though, they look great there. And do I spy your Missoni for Target pillows? Looking good!

  2. modernhaus says:

    They were MADE to go with those Missoni pillows and they really come to life against those dark floors. I love that room…love, love, love it. I wanna lay all OVER that sectional. Try not to be so fabulous, kay?

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