Flea Market Friday

February 24, 2012

Ran into Kathy at Gen’s sale (I got some really cute stuff, and YES, her house IS as fab as it looks in pictures) and we decided to hit the flea together!Β  Here’s what we saw….



These bookends were supposed to be cheaper, or they’d have been mine.Β  Couldn’t confirm that they were Ben Seibel or not as they had felted the bottoms, but I think they are. The dealer didn’t know anything about them, but she knew they were awesome enough to be $95.


Ben…you should have come home with me at half the price.Β  I wanted these peachy tables too, but at $135 with chipped laminate all over…I don’t think so.



I had no plans to get anything..I’m up to my ears in projects, but then I saw it…..



What have we here? A vintage barkcloth wall hanging in pristine condition, destined for my dining room. It had 2 labels still on it….



…..and I LOVE it.


I oiled up the wood and hung her immediately. Here’s some detail…



As I walked through the market, several people asked to see what I had rolled up over my shoulder, they all thought it might be a vintage map, but it was SO much better!

I also got these brass tulip candle holders, I don’t know where they are going yet, I’ll have to shuffle some things.



Have a great weekend!!!


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12 thoughts on “Flea Market Friday

  1. Kathy@myinteriorlife

    Yay! You already hung the barkcloth art – good for you! It looks great in your dining room. I had so much fun today, and looking at that Asian bamboo thing makes me want it. Still obsessing over the tortoise/turtle shell sconce thing. May have to go back tomorrow. Have fun with your Saturday duties!

  2. modernhaus

    I hope your wore “our” sweater??
    That barkcloth hanging fills me with a bouquet of complex emotions, with a definite top note of jealousy.
    You find these great statement art pieces!

  3. ModFruGal Post author

    Thanks Ladies!
    K- That gold tortoise sconce was amazing..go back and see if it’s still there!
    MHaus..No! I didn’t in the end b/c it was too cold and it’s hard to wear a coat on top of that thing!

  4. Abby

    Can’t believe I wasted my time at overpriced estate sales yesterday. Next month its the flea instead! Love the barkcloth and especially love the candle holders. Every time I see someone on tv or on a blog spray paint a brass animal or candlestick I cry a little on the inside.

  5. Ashley

    Hi ModFruGal! I love the furniture you find at these flee markets. Everything is so unique. I really desire to get that unique look with vintage furniture but I am worried about the bugs. What have you done to a. check to see if there are any traces of bed bugs/roaches and b. make sure there won’t be any hidden ones when you bring it into your home?

    Thank you kindly! -Ashley

    1. ModFruGal Post author

      Hi Ashley, sorry it took so long to respond as you were buried in 84 spam messages. With upholstered pieces, you just have to be careful. Steam cleaning is a must for items found at markets and thrift stores, but usually the items get reupholstered, so that takes care of it. Happy hunting!

  6. manna

    I saved this picture of the pink tables years ago and still desire them! do you know who made them or where they’re from? A M A Z I N G ! would kind of pay anything to get one.

    1. ModFruGal Post author

      Yeah, still kicking myself since I now know I could have steamed off the old laminate and re-veneered them. They were unmarked and I do not know their provenance sadly.


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