Things I Did While NOT At The Flea

I failed you this month…I didn’t make it to the flea market, thus no round up for you. I had school commitments on Friday, and Saturday and Sunday just flew by before I knew it. Melissa has a nice round up, so if you want to peek at the flea through her eyes..check it out here.

So why was I dragging my ass and not taking care of your vicarious shopping needs? It’s Spring people, and that means I get overwhelmed with the one million things that need doing outside this place of ours.

I finished painting inside the treehouse this week, but these are some of the only snaps I have. I planned to take some proper ones yesterday, but the place got trashed with mud over the weekend, and no one wants to see that yuck. Here’s the only picture I took via Instagram after moving some of the stuff back in. Sadly, I think ALL these pics were taken with my phone.

We have turned one wall into the chalkboard panels previously requested.

The Things and I worked at the local state park Saturday morning removing exotic, non-native plants from the forest floor so that there is less wild honeysuckle and more of this.

Then, there was pressure washing to be done, or should I say started. I still have the back decks to do, and that will take ages to finish.

Even though it can be tedious work, I have to admit that pressure washing all that gunk away is a satisfying job. Now I’ll need to go back with some deck stain to touch up some spots once it’s dried out.

I replanted my rootbound and pitiful looking junipers. I found these white planters at Target and am loving how light and easy to move they are…win!

I also started to topdress the pine straw patio, but only after retrenching the sump pump drainage creek. This time we laid plastic down so that we don’t have to retrench it every year. I’m headed to the stoneyard this morning to get more river rock to fill in the deeper creek. It had started flowing all over this end of the yard creating a swampy mudpit, but now we are nicely channeled. You won’t see the plastic when we are done adding more stone.

We also plan to build a proper bridge since the hose access is off to the right, so stepping over the creek is frequently required.

We put together our new Ikea Äpplarö table, and, of course, we have had 2 meals there already.

Sunday was a spectacular day..I snapped the dogwood in bloom before it’s gone.

So, while I missed the flea, we got a lot done, but there’s lots left to do…onward!


9 thoughts on “Things I Did While NOT At The Flea

  1. Elphie says:

    You never cease to amaze me! This is what you do when you are busy?!? The tree mansion looks fantastic and the yard is amazing. Your sense of space, and your ability to create beauty wherever you can make it happen is a true talent. You have a keen eye, and I can’t wait to see the yard when it all takes shape. I will cook, if I’m invited to eat at that fancy outdoor table!

  2. Mathilde says:

    Goodness gracious, I would hate to see what you get accomplished when you are NOT busy! What a great tree mansion you are creating! And that yard of yours! Great use of gorgeous space, and the outdoor table looks so lovely and inviting! I love the cool new planters from Target. I want an invitation to the next cookout! I’ll bring the sparkly!

  3. Kathy@myinteriorlife says:

    Can you come work on the outside of my house? It’s in a sad state, and even sadder is that I hate working in the yard. Plus, I’m too cheap to hire people, but something’s gotta give. As Brandy and Melissa said, you didn’t miss much at the flea. I haven’t gotten around to sharing what I got yet. It’s got a . . . wait for it . . . Greek key/meander type thing on it. Shocking, I know.

    Your house is looking fab!!

  4. rae says:

    i completely forgot about the flea this month! i can’t believe it! and the weather was so perfect. dang. at least you got a lot done! i can’t say the same for myself.

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