Switcheroo – Tulip Edition

What do you do when there’s a lot on your mind?  Rearrange of course.  Free therapy for your home and mind!

Swapped out the lucite and zebrawood for the tulip table and removed the rug.  I’m liking the size and scale of this table MUCH better….BUT…that’s 2 – 4 tulip bases in one room. Boo.  Current thoughts are that I’ll leave it until I can scavenge something else similar in size?  Talk to me.

12 thoughts on “Switcheroo – Tulip Edition

  1. Beth says:

    I’m lovin’ the tulip edition! With those incredible diamond chairs, who really notices how many tulip bases you’ve got going on anyway!! 😉

  2. mm says:

    First, I love the modular!

    I wrestled with the same concern in my open space – 2 Saarinen tables. One in the kitchen and a side in the living room. It kept bothering me, so I moved the side into the bathroom beside my tub. I don’t know what’s “right” or “wrong”.

    btw – I think you did a fab job on that table top and the lucite base.

    • admin says:

      AGREED. If I could acquire some burliness, I’d be very pleased….if only I lived near The Brick House, I’d happily buy some cast-off burl!

  3. Kathy@myinteriorlife says:

    I’m liking the little tulip table there. You’re right, it works with the shape of your sofa so well. If you don’t mind me asking, what is the stain on your hardwood floor? I need to redo mine (they’re basically orange – don’t ask), and I like the color and tone of yours.

  4. Tanya from Dans le Townhouse says:

    [whistful sigh] The room is so lovely. Perhaps a tulip too many in the same vicinity, but jealousy-inducing none the less. I just found your blog through mid2mod and am in love. I’m your newest follower. I plan to return frequently to ogle.

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