Flea Market Friday + Estate Sale

So I didn’t take the camera with me to the Flea because:

1) It was freezing, which requires gloves off for shooting pics.

2) I’m supposed to be on a break.

3) I’m lazy.

I bought some fun things for the booth, and for the house, and some things that will begin their limbo test drive phase.  You know, you bring it home and start to reconsider selling it, so you leave it in the house for a few weeks as a trial run.  If it makes you smile when you walk past it..it stays.  Well, until something better comes along…

Love these, but don’t need these…

I think after I pop the paint by number out and redo the frame..I will not want to let it go…another for the limbo set…

Keeping this box as a super stylish pencil holder for my desk….

The lacquer set was still wrapped in plastic and never even used….methinks this will add a little pan-asian panache to Dim Sunday.


All the Asian stuff came from this crazy estate sale.  Packed to the ceiling with goodies from Japan and Germany, where they lived for 30 years.  I’ve never seen so much lacquer and spingerle molds in one place- such a contrast of cultures.  I could have nosed around there all day.