Treehouse Update

June 8, 2011

I know, I’ve been super lame-o with posting, but what else is new?  School is finally out and all that craziness leading up to the big LAST DAY had us a bit busy.

We worked really hard over Memorial Day weekend to get the treehouse in sleepover condition, and we did it.  Barely.  This does not mean we are finished by ANY means, but it does mean that you can hang out in there without getting attacked by cicadas and mosquitoes.  The last steps in bug proofing were to screen the ventilation gaps between the roof supports and the dormer over the screened door.

The CC then added weather stripping all around the screened door, and started caulking every. single. join.  Don’t believe me?  Check the fastidiousness of his entomophobic work.

He’s not done yet, but he managed to finish the most important places.  I was rendered speechless when I realized why it was taking him so long to caulk the ventilation area.  Dude is serious.

Come sleepover time, it was a tight squeeze, but all 4 of us managed to get some air mattress space on the floor with just enough clearance for the door to open.  We don’t want to build bunks up here since we’ll have the “sleeping bunker” once the bottom is done.  When it’s just the 2 of them, they have hammocks they can choose to sleep in, or just use for lounging.

We even decided to get a fan going to keep us more comfortable.  We hung it in front of the window to bring in the cooler night air.  When the Things saw our new addition, they said “Cool!  Air conditioning!”  Not quite kiddies, but this is glamping after all.

Given the floor is a bit mucky from all the dirt, despite multiple sweepings, I threw down a canvas drop cloth as some sloppy wall to wall carpeting to keep our stuff clean.

What’s left to do? A lot more than you’d think.

Porch railings.  We have some hog panel left that we will use.  We plan to have a barn door that will slide and lock over the screened one.  We’ll just get some inexpensive hardware from Tractor Supply.

I also plan to re-do the screen door so that it has horizontal slats going all the way up over the dormer to the top.  This is the way it came off the shelf.  Blech.

Add trim around the inside windows, build shelves in between the studs for both structural support and general usefulness.  The CC has to finish that anal caulking…and paint!  LOTS of paint.  Part of me is fine leaving it natural inside, but it will be easier to keep clean if it’s painted.  We won’t start to build the bottom level until it cools off in the fall.  It’s officially sticky out now.  We’re getting there though.

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28 thoughts on “Treehouse Update

  1. susie q

    Jaw dropping. It’s just stunning!! I say rename it ‘The Guest House.’ And when can we schedule my stay? 🙂 It’s just beautiful!

  2. ModFruGal Post author

    Thanks…anytime for you! We’ll have a cold beverage waiting for you to sip up there!

  3. ModFruGal Post author

    Thanks guys! Glad we finally hit this milestone…now it will probably take as long as it did to build it to finish the little stuff!

  4. Stephanie

    Well at least the exterior looks done. I’ve been anxiously awaiting these updates. So excited to see the finished treehouse. It’s already looking amazing!

  5. bri

    I’m so jealous of thing one and thing two. So jealous. I would love something like this for a studio. But in this heat I would probably die. With a paint brush. In my hand.

    yall did an awesome job so far, cant believe your are still making ever more awesomer.

  6. Callista

    Phenomenal. I’m very impressed by you and the CC’s hard work. May I ask what the CC does for a living? His skills seem so professional. Did/does he work as a contractor?

  7. the CC

    Why thank you Callista…I felt obliged to respond. Nope, never been a contractor so I’ll take it as quite the compliment. I’m a boring suit for a living, but it feeds the weekend addictions.

  8. Callista

    Wow! That’s VERY impressive. And thank you so much, Mr. Crafty Counterpart for taking the time to respond to me personally. I am thrilled by the gesture.

  9. Eva @ Four Leaf Clover

    Wow! I just found your site and what a post to stumble upon! This treehouse is amazing! It’s something you could see all over eco-websites and, well.. just anywhere that features really cool things. I’m surprised, but the black looks perfect (as do the red chairs). This is amazing..amazing, amazing job!

  10. Carolyn

    This thing has seriously turned out to be ahhhmazing! How many of your adult friends want to come over and hang out in it!? I’ll bring the bug spray!

  11. Rebecca

    The treehouse is spectacular. I have been looking all over for a local place to get the hog panels, with no luck. We are in the Lake Tahoe region, and don’t imagine they ship these things. Any thoughts or suggestions for me? I canT wait to replicate your beautiful work….

    1. ModFruGal Post author

      Thank you! Did you check ranch and farm supply stores? They will always be out of city limits closer to farm/ranch land…I know that our local farm supply does not deliver or ship, but I would guess driving to the outskirts of Sacramento will get them for you.

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  13. Sonali

    Love this treehouse. I’m curious about the materials you used. Would you be willing to share the type of wood, the material for the windows and the skylight and the roof?

    1. ModFruGal Post author

      Thanks! Polycarbonate for the windows/skylight, pressure treated wood for supports, exterior grade plywood. The posts linked in the tour have more detailed information in them.


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