The Sale

It’s O-fficial….

One month from today, if you live in the Nashville area, you have somewhere to be!

If you don’t know who my partners in crime are, you must check them out…

Acorn and Archer  Beautiful organic modern handmade jewelry.

Me, You and a Wiener  Vintage Modern maven with a flair for illustrating the cray cray.

My Interior Life  Super stylish siren who loves a little vintage chinoiserie as much as I do!

SquirrelPearl  The creativity behind Acorn and Archer also sells mixed media artwork, so naturally, she designed our little flyer above!

Joining forces with these creative chickas is going to make for one seriously fun day….I hope you can join us for funsies and pick up some goodies for your pad and bod!

I’ll preview a few items that will be for sale as we get closer to the date.  I moved out of Booth 50 (sad) this week, so some of those items will at the sale, along with several new items…so stay tuned…

9 thoughts on “The Sale

  1. nkp says:

    Love the fabulous flyer! Oh how I wish I could be there, not only to peruse what I am certain will be some mighty fabulous goods, but to meet what I am certain are some mighty fabulous ladies. Darn it, we are smack dab in the middle of youth soccer season. Can you see my sad face?

  2. Kathy@myinteriorlife says:

    Wow, I’ve never been described as a siren! Thank you so much. Now, I really have a lot of stuff already but there is an estate sale I just have to hit today. I’m not doing it for myself, I’m doing it for the good of the people.

    Can’t wait!

  3. jordan says:

    I will definitely spread the word AND attend as I live in Berry Hill! Very exciting 🙂 I have a booth in Gaslamp Antiques called The Burlap Rabbit but have always frequented The Downtown Antique Mall – I am sure I have seen your booth 100s of times.

    Hope the sale goes well! See you then!

  4. Melissa Crochet says:

    I recently met one of your partner’s in crime Kathy and am looking forward to meeting the rest of you at the tag sale. Your blog is fantastic and I have added you to my list of blog’s that I follow. When you have a moment, I would love if you would check out mine. Flea market, thrift stores and antique malls are my obsessions as well.

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