Consignment Sale Friday!

Those following on Instagram know I’ve been clearing out the house and making all sorts of things available to you! I will be joining 83 others in contributing items to a HUGE consignment sale in Franklin. Hope you can make it out during your lunch hour, or find some other time to see what good stuff will be there! Here’s the blurb from the organizer:
“The 4TH ANNUAL FURNITURE, RUGS and HOME ACCESSORIES Consignment Sale is only 4 DAYS AWAY.  Friday, April 11th, 10 am-5 pm. 1600 River Landing Dr, Franklin. We have 84 consignors with some GREAT finds. Rugs, K, Q, Full and T beds, Dressers, Farm Tables, Lots of Outdoor Furniture, DR tables, TONS of Chairs, Antiques, American Girl Dolls & Accessories, Legos, Adult & Kid’s Bikes, Painted Furniture, Furniture TO Paint, Air Hockey Table, Leather & Upholstered Couches, Breakfronts, Lighting, Coffee Tables, Custom-made Bar… and much, much more! DON’T MISS THIS ONE!!!!!”

Modfrugal Consignment Sale

Tag Sale!

I just returned to Nashvegas last night after being MIA for a few weeks… I’ll update you soon, but I needed to pop in and tell you locals about Brandy and Melissa’s tag sale this weekend!  You might know them better as Chateau À Gogo and The Insane Domain, and if you click through to their blogs, you’ll see previews of a lot of the great items they will have up for sale!

Bar carts, lamps, pillows…both vintage and newer items…looks like there will be some really good stuff!  These ladies have great style!  They are also cool, nice chicks that I’ve loved getting to know over the last several months, and who I’m proud to call my friends, so shop on decoristas….See you there!


Thanks to everyone who came out to the sale!  We were lucky with the weather, and delightful customers…’twas a good day to be outside wheelin’ and dealin’.  The ladies and I all had a great time, and are currently sporting achy joints for our incredibly brawny performances.  Kathy might hurt the worst, as her dolphin table is SOLID.

These are the worst photos ever, desperately snapped right as we finished set up…and the camera never made it out again….sorry!


So if we decided to do another one of these gigs in the Spring…would that be of interest?

Final Sale Preview

Non-locals…I’m really sorry, this sale drivel is almost over and we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming.  This is IT…I promise.

Sale goers: In addition to a few more of my things, I’m adding some snaps from the other ladies as well, to give you a little taste of what each of us will have at the Sale:

Acorn and Archer

Me, You and a Wiener

My Interior Life (Updated 9/30)


…and me!  Most of the stuff is wrapped up in boxes now, so some of these are older shots.



Previous sale posts are here.  Hope to see you there!

Sale Preview

I thought I’d drag out a few things this week to show what will be at the Sale on Saturday.  First up..a little chair pair DIY.  You guys remember these?

The cushions were not cushions anymore and had dry rotted….ew.

I had some green velvet that I liked with the chrome…so it was showtime.  I had to start from scratch with the cushions.  Nothing salvageable there.




And now they will be available for someone to enjoy.

and just a few other items that will be available….

That’s all for today…I hope some of you can make it!  Looks like the weather will be outstanding..phew!

The Sale

It’s O-fficial….

One month from today, if you live in the Nashville area, you have somewhere to be!

If you don’t know who my partners in crime are, you must check them out…

Acorn and Archer  Beautiful organic modern handmade jewelry.

Me, You and a Wiener  Vintage Modern maven with a flair for illustrating the cray cray.

My Interior Life  Super stylish siren who loves a little vintage chinoiserie as much as I do!

SquirrelPearl  The creativity behind Acorn and Archer also sells mixed media artwork, so naturally, she designed our little flyer above!

Joining forces with these creative chickas is going to make for one seriously fun day….I hope you can join us for funsies and pick up some goodies for your pad and bod!

I’ll preview a few items that will be for sale as we get closer to the date.  I moved out of Booth 50 (sad) this week, so some of those items will at the sale, along with several new items…so stay tuned…