Real Estalking

November 24, 2014

For those wondering, phase 3 of the driveway isn’t happening until Spring. We had a cold snap in October and it didn’t make sense to try and plant grass then, so you haven’t missed anything. Now that’s out of the way, can we discuss this house, PLEASE?

I had to show you another gem that has been on the market for about a month and has just gone under contract. Β Given the school district in which it is located, I’m surprised it took that long, but modern is not your typical Nashvillian’s dream house (sadly).

It’s so fun, and I hope whoever buys it loves it as much as I do!! Click the link or the photo for more info….

Here is the Timberwood modern.

Timberwood Modern Nashville

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4 thoughts on “Real Estalking

    1. ModFruGal Post author

      It actually sold in under a month back in February to an agent, seems odd for it to come back on the market so soon when it looks like no work was done, so not a flip. Gah! Hate that you missed out on getting it!

  1. Lesley Eats

    Wow, that is neat. Have you ever seen 825 Kendall when it’s been on the market? I can’t remember the architect’s name, but he was a student (I think) of Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s got some historical marker of some sort inside.


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