Nashville Symphony House

I have a few things working away to show you – the next phase of the driveway is finishing up, and I’m still trying to figure out storage in the laundry area, but in the meantime, I went on a cool house tour and wanted to share some of the details I enjoyed the most!

Castle Homes and Wade Weissmann Architecture have built a home to benefit the Nashville Symphony in Forest Hills, and it opens to the public TODAY! They invited  Julie Couch, Mark Simmons Interiors and Rozanne Jackson from The Iron Gate to design the interiors, and I got a sneak peek! For more photos of the rooms in their entirety, go HERE.

As we entered the home, we were asked to remove shoes or wear booties since there were some expensive rugs in the home, some in the $40k range. I really loved this one in the kitchen…

Nashville Symphony House

One of the first things I noticed is the sheer scale of every room in the house. 5500 sf with tall ceilings make the entire house seem incredibly spacious.

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Real Estalking

For those wondering, phase 3 of the driveway isn’t happening until Spring. We had a cold snap in October and it didn’t make sense to try and plant grass then, so you haven’t missed anything. Now that’s out of the way, can we discuss this house, PLEASE?

I had to show you another gem that has been on the market for about a month and has just gone under contract.  Given the school district in which it is located, I’m surprised it took that long, but modern is not your typical Nashvillian’s dream house (sadly).

It’s so fun, and I hope whoever buys it loves it as much as I do!! Click the link or the photo for more info….

Here is the Timberwood modern.

Timberwood Modern Nashville

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This past year has been a bit crazy, which brings me to a place where I am considering mixing things up a bit around here. As I have been working on yet ANOTHER website for my job as a Realtor, I wondered if there is any interest into glimpses of that life over here?

I am lucky enough to spend a lot of time in various homes in the Nashville area, and it might be nice to share some of what I see in my work with my shelter junkie buddies. I’ve tried to be pretty careful about not mixing the work with the fun/social spot that Modfrugal has always been for me, since I figured no one cares about my job…but maybe getting back to some of the old “real estalking” posts would be a fun way for me to mix my work and fun? Whaddya think?

Here’s a teaser: A local celeb’s house just went on the market this week- designed by my fave local 70’s mod architect Robert Anderson…Drool away my friends!!




Real Estalking

When we found out we were getting transferred to Nashville, I checked this site run by a realtor featuring modern homes almost daily. While modern digs are few and far between here, I was determined to find an ugly, unloved one we could afford…we got very, very lucky.

Every 6 months or so I pop back in to see what’s on the “modern market” and today I saw one of my absolute favorite Nashville homes is up for sale. I had to share it with you because it is spectacular.  Designed by Kanner Architects in LA, this home was featured around the interwebs when completed and I first glimpsed inside via Design Milk.  The listing is here with more photos here. Warning, the 2nd listing has piano music if you’re in an office etc..

While the interior styling is not my personal taste, the house is amazing and worth a look-see.  With a price tag of $3,200,000.00, it’s a Lottery Pick for sure.

Most photos by Nicolas O.S. Marques, others-unknown source (probably realtor).