This is the kitchen as the previous homeowners had it.

Fuzzy phone pic…we demo-ed over a single weekend, starting on closing day, and who knew I’d start this online gig a few months later?

We drove to Atlanta with a truck and got the Ikea cabinets, island and vent hood. The rest of the appliances we bought locally.

Yuck.Β  Here’s the unfinished part…the microwave will move over into this pantry area of cabinets when we remove the wall and install them…one day!

As much as I love you guys…there was no way I was taking down the internet in the house for the photo…so modem, printer etc… (that are wired waaaay behind the desk)Β  smile big!Β  Note to self:Β  Need more wine.

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2 thoughts on “Kitchen

  1. Greg Waddell

    Nice budge mod. My wife and I did the same thing on closing day – demo’d the kitchen. That is, she told me she wouldn’t move it without *something* being done about the kitchen. We too did the IKEA kitchen thing. It wasn’t without its own set of delightful nightmares.

    Question to you: I see you got the corner cabinet lazy susan as did we. I’m on my second replacement black plastic disc that holds the bottom shelf into place. The weight of some fairly light items is too much for it. Wondering if you’ve had the same experience. IKEA doesn’t sell this part. So, this poor slob goes and buys and entirely new assembly. So much for low budge.

    Overall, very nice work. You and your husband have a great eye. Hard to do while you are living in it. I can attest to that. Not sure I could have done it with little ones about.

    Cheers on the holiday season to you!

    1. ModFruGal Post author

      Thanks Greg! I guess we got lucky, and our lazy susans are holding up really well with some pretty heavy stuff on it!!


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