The Year (and a bit) in Review

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year for ModFruGal.  Craaazy!   This was always meant to be a simple renovation diary, not a design blog per se, since I’m certainly (and obviously) not a designer…but I’ve had a lot of fun sharing the ups and downs of the renovations…and some of the other cool stuff that inspires me…which often includes you, so thanks for hanging out and getting us here!

There’s so much work left to do…like the bathrooms….ugh, the bathrooms!!   I have a big visual “to do” list going that we’ll get to in early 2010….and will include the, as yet unfinished, landscaping. Just to cover a few highlights, what did we actually get done in the crumbling Regal Beagle this year..or so?

Even though I didn’t start the blog until January, I’ll include August-December of 2008, since that’s when we got started.  I like to think we got a fair way in a year and a half!

Kitchen Before and After

kitchen before

kitchen after

Dining Room Before and After

Playroom Before and After

These are just a handful of the things we were able to do all on our own…then there were the jobs we had to hire the big guns for.  Like the siding…..

….Not to mention all the cottage cheese scraping, hardwoods and carpet that got attended to before we moved in.

We love our new city and our evolving house…the family unanimously voted 2009 the best Christmas ever…because this year…we felt at home.  Last year, it was all new and we were not really settled yet.  We have new traditions now and instead of Christmas in the new house, it was Christmas at home..and it was, indeed, unforgettable.

I hope everyone is enjoying time off with family as much as I am..I’ll be easing back into things..albeit slowly, to savor the last bit of holiday fun.  Time to pack up the Christmas stuff….See ya around!