Since we’ll be waiting another 2 weeks for the correct siding to arrive, we figured we now had the time to address that which lives under the deck. I’m talking about Phil, (or Phillipa), the groundhog who has burrowed under the foundation of our house.  See, it wouldn’t be enough to have JUST a squirrel problem. This house had been hosting a woodland menagerie of critters before we arrived to take it back. Chipmunks and Rat Snakes are also part of what we lovingly call home.  Call me Snow freaking White.

Back to Phil/lipa…the main entry and exit seems to be from under the deck and there was no way of filling up the lair without pulling off the whole deck.  The decks have to come off when the siding goes on anyway, sooooo….now’s the time.  Rather than wait for the crew to do it, we decided to get started to get a better look….strangely the hole seems undisturbed, but it’s been spotted looking leaner than in the fall, so definitely still in residence. Our fear is sealing it in…so we’ll fill this hole with concrete and then wait a few days before we fill the other one at the front of the house.  We tried trapping it in vain this fall… completely ignored all lures and temptations.  Taking away the burrow seems to be the only way.  Sorry Phil/lipa, you’ll have to build new crib somewhere else.