Homage to Poochina

We lost our beloved, devoted, yet slightly crazy dog last year…she didn’t hang on long enough to make the move….but she was 12 and had a good, full life.  She was a Vizsla we sometimes called Poochina…who was our first baby – our parental training wheels, so to speak.

The Minors saw her birthday on my iCal and said we needed to do something special to remember her today…and that I should NEVER delete her birthday from the calendar!

I think she would have had a love/hate relationship with this house.  When we’d bring her over during renovations, she loved laying on all that green shag, but the catwalk to the upstairs bedrooms really freaked her out.  She’d have loved the fireplaces, but would have hated seeing all the wildlife invading her “turf”!

Amazingly patient with the Minors…a gem of a dog.  You are truly missed!  Muah!  Wherever you are!

Poochina Pup

tub lover



curtain snuggler

UPDATE:  The Things thought I should show that Poochina was actually my second Vizsla.  My first was another gorgeous female who was my 5th birthday present…and adored for 16 years.

Gypsy and me

Gypsy and me01