Lottery Picks

What are the holidays without materialism, greed and good old fashioned “gimme, gimme”?  In keeping with the spirit, I have not just one lottery pick, but instead spent far too long on 1st Dibs pretending money is no object…enjoy!

1st dibs rennaisance man $2500gregorypeacocks2

Waylande Gregory Peacocks …yes, birds…these lovelies are $2500.

1st dibs chrome austrian lamp

Kalmar Lamp….”Contact Dealer”  …If you have to ask…you can’t afford it.

karl springer stools_1

Karl Springer laquered goatskin stools….again, “Contact Dealer”

schneider french crystal lamp $3600

Schneider crystal lamp….only $3600.

XXX_sol_bloom_scoop chairs $2800

Sol Bloom scoop chairs…$2800.

quartz lamps $16000

Madagascar/Stuppel quartz lamp pair …$16,000.  No, that extra zero is not a typo.

lane cubist laquer cabinet $3200 danenberg

Cubist lacquer cabinet …$3200…I actually think one could find this piece at an estate sale one day…it’s Lane!  I imagine seeing it, unlacquered and covered with mildew in a corner marked $250.  I’ll be there waiting.