This will seem weird and random…but it seemed appropriate for a time when guests may be coming and going.  More often than not, when my guests wash their hands, they comment on my hand soap.  It smells great..and little expensive.   I’m REALLY finicky about smells…especially in body products.  Don’t even get near me with a Vanilla candle.

Last year, I finally found a scent I really like…and it’s dirt cheap.  The Motif line at Target has a handful of nice choices…but the winner for me is their “Cypress and Pear”.  Today I saw that they are now offering a bar soap line in the same scents.  I don’t use bar soap anymore, but I picked some up for the guest caddy in the upstairs bath-some people can’t give up the bar.  It’s a fresh, yet earthy smell without being musky…and not too sweet to put men off.  For $3.49 a bottle…you can’t beat it.

Motif Cypress and Pear