Friday Flea

So, I tried a new strategy this month and decided the hit the flea market Friday morning instead of Saturday morning.  Supposedly, they set up Thursday night, but since the weather was cold and wet, a lot of vendors were not set up yet or were in the process of unloading.  I didn’t bring my camera so it wouldn’t get wet in the drizzle.

I picked up another project from one of the dudes ready to deal.  Why is it I NEVER find anything that doesn’t need work?  Sigh.  Anyway… stopped off at the hardware store on the way home and got busy.

I have to research chroming/chrome plating…that would be valuable info for me and the stuff I’ve got.  Body shops?

I got a lot of the crud off, but some of the rust is there to stay…but, I’m OK with that for now..the pleather was in great shape…onward!  Have a great weekend..

UPDATE: I’ve conducted a poll of friends and the Interwebs:  Coca Cola and tin foil is the choice of many for those pesky rust spots…will try in morning and let you know…