Neck Saver

Most people would not equate a desk as such…but, given my oh, so, uber-amateur ways…I’ve been blogging from my lap 90% of the time.  About 4 months ago…my neck started to really bother me…shocker!  So, I’ve been on the lookout for a desk to double as a bedside table.  My Kittinger bedside tables were great in my 1912 house…not so much here.  I was looking for a pair of desks, but unless I wanted to go IKEA, I couldn’t find anything that I liked in my budget.  Vintage?  Fahgettahboutit…nada.  Yesterday, my problem was solved!

You see, I’ve also been on the hunt for a groovy bookcase, and finally found one at my mall yesterday.  It needs work (really!?) but I think it’s an easy fix.  Today, I’m heading to a shop that re-canes chairs and hope I can match the cane on the shelf and re-wrap the damaged areas.  In the meantime, I’ll hide the part at the bottom with some file boxes.

I hear ya….What does this have to do with your desk and your neck?  Stay with me….The bookcase replaces a console I had there previously…which is now my desk.  You see I actually have a desk/office area in the kitchen, but it’s become apparent it’s the family desk/landing strip/catch-all.  I can’t work there since the family clutters up the surface daily.  I needed a place that was all mine and cozy.  Until now…that was my favorite chair on the other side of the bedroom.  Great for lounging, not so much for extended computer time.

Now I need to find some great artwork to hang above the desk…restyle the bookshelf 10 times, ya know…the usual stuff.  The egg is on the move again to make way for the desk…in the living room for now…