I think I’m finally over hatin’ on my living room. For now anyway.

As much as I wish I could say that Erin’s fab post on sectionals at Design Crisis made me go out and take care of business, this little surprise was already in the works.  Remember my longing and dreaming for a groovy serpentine sectional here and here?  Well, I can’t afford those.

I managed to find a 10 seater on E-bay for $480!  I took the money I made from selling the old buffet and actually managed to find something in the budget..I was as surprised as you are…probably more. It may not be De Sede, but it’ll do pig.  It would be nice to reupholster, but that would be about $2k I’m sure, plus, the reason I bought it was because I don’t HAVE to right now. Project 2015 maybe.

The room feels much bigger now, despite this behemoth taking up the whole space.  The Things LOVE it.

I switched out coffee tables to put our lucite and zebrawood table in here and traded the Wassilys for the Barcelonas in the bedroom.  So far (10 hours) I’m digging it.  As for the other sofas?  Thing One has the orange one, and Thing Two got the green one, so both have very grown-up sitting areas in their bedrooms now.

I think I’ll switch up some of the art and wall decor…maybe move SO somewhere else…You know how Decor-ADHD and non-committal I am, so tomorrow, it will be different I’m sure.