Every (dry) day is getting a bit warmer and I’m SO ready to get this landscaping to the next level.  First, it was the cold temps…now, it’s the wet that’s impeding our progress. ARGH! In lieu of actually getting my bamboo and other plants in place…I give you a sampling of my dreams….

These 2 pages/images are from an issue of Garden Design YEARS ago…I had these posted on the wall at my LAST house.  Now that we live on a slope, I had really hoped we could do this for our new retaining walls in the back…BUT…too pricey for a pour that big and that far from the driveway.

via Mark Word Design….Cor-Ten!

Via Outdoor Stylist on Flickr

Via mymsmanager

via markfountain52 on Flickr

via John Merkl

Jack Merlo via Plastolux

DIARMUID!!!!  I could seriously fill a whole blog with his designs…this isn’t even the best…

Hausergarten via Plastolux….it’s all about those plants/planters/gravel. House, notsomuch.

Oh, how I lurv bamboo and gravel…it WILL be mine…..soon-ish…..