Lottery Picks: Pairs

Auction time at Wright again…so you know what that means….droolfest!  Everything I loved seemed to be in pairs..go figure.

Pair Vidal Grau dining tables c. 1970 $4-6k

Pair Renaud Vuaillat stools c. 2000 $3-5k

Pair Maison Charles nightstands c. 1960 $3-5k

Pair Phillipe Cheverney table lamps c. 1970 $12-15k

Pair French sconces c. 1970 $7-9k

Pair Paul Evans Cityscape cubes c. 1975 $2-3k

Two Pair Max Ingrand for Fontana Arte candlesticks c. 1958 $5-7k

For my new readers, here is the lottery picks disclaimer: When I win the lottery, I will spend my new wealth on these shallow and meaningless objects only when the aged parents, charitable causes and purchase of an overseas home have all been attended to…c’mon..I’m not a COMPLETE monster.