The Saturation of 2010

photo via evenshift on flickr

We are def among the lucky ones.  I have power, phone etc.. again and am really seeing for the first time how horrible it is out there.  Tiny photos on my Blackberry didn’t really convey the magnitude of damage to the city.  My neighborhood got off lightly given we are in the hills.  A few mudslides and trees down, but all in all..unscathed.

I can’t believe the mailbox held on!

I took this at the top of the road in between storms.

Our front yard…like I said…we were lucky.

We are on strict water conservation because we lost one treatment facility and nearly lost the other one by less than a foot of water…close one. The Minors are never too young to learn about how to take a Navy Shower.  Residents in other nearby areas are not so lucky and must use bottled water or boil their water for awhile…if they still have a house to begin with.

photos via evenshift on flickr

It’s going to be a long expensive cleanup, and with the gulf disaster, attempted Times Square bombing and Sandra Bullock’s adoption, there will be very little help/awareness coming toward our community.

For ways to help with either time or money, please go here.  Thanks for listening on behalf of all those in need.