Friday Flea

Today’s flea was an auditory affair. “It’s hot as Hades, Idinit?….Hot as a bug on a lightbulb….so hot the corn is popping in the field…” You get the picture.  In between hearing all these fab comments from fellow shoppers and vendors, I heard some Michael Jackson tributes, which put a smile on my face. I turned the corner to hear a little Robert Plant and Allison Krauss, then some big band….all while the race cars from the adjacent Nashville Speedway kept a low roar going.  Fun day for the ears.

Not a stellar shopping day though, but maybe it was because I was dehydrating quickly and losing focus.  I turned the first corner to see this…could it be a hunky burly table?

Aw, now!  Why did they have to go and ruin it with that?!

Moving on…..

Too bad the veneer was toast on these…too much work needed for the money.

This woman is retail all the way, but I think she’s been doing well…I’ve never photographed her stuff since it’s not my thing, but I know a lot of people love this…tons of french furniture kitted out in burlaps and printed grain sacks.  She’s also indoors and I spent longer indoors today than usual, for obvious reasons.

I loved looking at this giant water lilly… what did I get today?

A pair of stools needing some love and a little tree….I spent a whopping $22 today.  Must. Take. Cold. Shower. Now.