Movie Night

I’ve always been dead against a TV in our living room for MANY reasons.

1) This room should be for conversation.

2) I don’t want to spend all the energy and money required to hide a TV properly.

3) Unique to this house, the living room is situated so that nothing inappropriate for children could be watched since it could be heard up in their bedrooms (or they could creep out of their rooms and peek through the railings below).

For all of the above reasons, we have a TV in the playroom and in our bedroom and that is more than anyone needs.  In the past, I’d agreed that if I were to be swayed to eat my words, it would need to involve a projector so it could be well hidden, yet allow a decent view for all in the room.  This has been high on the CC’s dream list with visions of four foot high rugby matches causing his eyes to glaze over.  Me…sounds cool, but I’m a proud late adopter with landscaping on the brain.  Pricing proved that this techie scenario would, indeed, remain a dream.

By a stroke of good fortune, we have been granted semi-permanent use of a projector!!   All our walls and ceilings are white which makes things pretty nice for viewing purposes.  The logical place to view would be where the large painting is, but I didn’t want to take it down and figure out where to keep it out of harms way while we were testing this out.  So we turned the sofa to face the doors so we could project onto the empty slanted ceiling.  This required a bit of a reclining position, kinda like in a planetarium. Great fun, but in no way a permanent solution.

BTW, I don’t need to tell you how much the Things LOVE this concept.

Sorry-crap photos…I need to learn how to take ’em in this low light.

The view from the nook/catwalk area is too slanted for viewing, but it was cool to see the images as you walked up the stairs nonetheless.

This was all brought to life via this big hot mess behind the sofa.

Now that we know this can work (for family viewing only)…a game plan is afoot to get it right.  Hook up the Roku to it, run a cable line and most importantly, figure out a way to get it to project onto the fireplace wall without disrupting the painting.  All the A/V stuff can hide out in the bookshelves.  I don’t want to see a wall mounted pull down screen, so I’m considering options.  Perhaps putting the painting on hinges so we can lift it up out of the way and project directly onto the wall?  Barn door sliding mechanism?

I dunno…must think on this one…best troubleshooting project I’ve ever had.  The lack of patience on the part of the Things will be a driving force to find a solution.  The nagging will be relentless….