Share, Share…Fair, Fair.

I’ve been trying to harvest herbs this week to make pestos, herbed cheeses and the like.

Having a garden again after 2 years makes me VERY happy.  Every time I had to buy rosemary at the store, I died a little inside.

Anyway, I got all my ingredients together for a rockin’ tabbouleh and when I went out to harvest the parsley….

Whaaaa?  Why are there stems where my lush leaves used to be?  Oh…well hello there!

It’s the very hungry caterpillar…I think he’ll be happier with the parsley than those old cupcakes anyway.  In my last garden, dill was their favorite nosh, with the occasional parsley appetizer, but since my dill is done for the summer…parsley it is.  Enjoy little guy..just leave some for me..MmmKay?