It’s a crazy world.  We left the country right when disaster after disaster struck in Japan.  One of many ways to help is here.

The exact same thing happened when Katrina hit.  We were watching the horrifying images unfold upon our arrival on foreign TV.  Kinda makes us think we shouldn’t go anywhere!

Thing One is starting to worry about the Mayan apocolypse predictions coming true, so it might be time to turn off NPR during breakfast- for awhile anyway.

After I get my sleep patterns sorted and laundry washed, I’ll have some fun photos of the trip to share, along with some finalized treehouse plans.  Yup, it will be the Spring for the Things.  They’ve patiently waited, so the circle patio and bathroom will be deferred to put all our efforts into their castle.

I’ll leave you with a random shot from our trip…titled GINORMOUS STAG HEAD.