Ye Olde England-Finale

This is it..I swear.

Soooo….we’d had enough countryside…we had some urban needs.  London calling and we had 2 days to hit the highlights…strap on your comfy shoes.

Pretty buildings, and uniformed people in funny hats……

Speaking of those in uniform…security is so much more apparent.  Remember the old joke about the bobby chasing the criminal?  “Stop!… or I’ll say stop again!”  I don’t think that’s a problem anymore.  Check out the size of that gun. He also had one strapped to his upper leg.  Granted, this was in front of 10 Downing Street.

Oh, and while we’re taking about the size of guns….I think Henry VIII was quite proud of his….

….and the Crown Jewels, (obvs not THESE) no snaps for you…no cameras allowed near the shiny diamonds…boo.

Moving on to the final stretch…ART!

We had just enough time to hit the 5th floor and part of the 3rd floor of the Tate Modern.

The way the Things lingered over the Do Ho Suh Staircase, I thought maybe it was their favorite.  Video of the artist interview and this piece’s installation are here and here.

Nope…in typical young boy fashion, they both liked Lichtenstein’s Whaam! best….

photo via wiki – I didn’t snap this one…of course mom forgets the fave.

Since it had only been installed 2 days before…we felt obligated to go check out the new Picasso, heralded as the most expensive piece ever sold at auction. $106 million and change in case you were wondering.

Warm beverages on the top floor of the museum with the killer view and we were DONE.


Our feet hurt, and it was time to go home.  Back to school on Monday in the land of the 2 syllable monosyllabic word.