Rainy Days and Beds

The monsoon has arrived, so we are stuck inside again on another wet and grey day.

I’ve been wanting to revisit the bedroom linens, and this is what I always thought I wanted…but alas, too $$$$….

Image via Wallter/Fold Bedding site

Plus, I can’t abide wool next to my skin..it makes me itch and tweak like a junkie.  So this is horrendously impractical for me on all fronts.  I still want it to appear in my life for $100 made of cotton or linen though. I love the simplicity and clean lines. Girl’s gotta dream….

I’m really gravitating toward the old style bedmaking where the bedspread covers up all your pillows and box springs neatly…like my bed growing up actually.

Let’s revisit some popular beds and drool together, whatcha say?  OK then…..

Image via Marie Claire Maison

and of course….

Same room, new treatment…..

Both images via erin martin design

Washed linen coverlet over the duvet?

image of Ace Hotel via Commune Design

Being one of the only people who have yet to be hip and hang at this joint….I never noticed (in the photos) the grommets on the bedspread edge.  I could just get a giant canvas dropcloth and get the same budget friendly feel…

Let’s look again….

While this looks like cotton canvas, their linens and their throw are “painters linen” with a little style sewn on…  I could buy painters linen here or here, although not as inexpensively as cotton canvas.  Ace patrons, feel free to chime in your tactile textile experience here.

That brings us to patterns.  Where are the patterns? I kinda liked the trends of the suzani coverlet, and the Morrocan wedding blanket, but I need practical applications, and most of the color I see that I like isn’t durable/washable/affordable/whateverable enough for me.

Maybe I could conjure a Pucci coverlet….something like this?  If only…

Image via Yanamish Style

What about using this Marimekko Koski fabric to make a coverlet?

Image via Finnish Gifts

And this is silk…and completely impractical.

image via interiors magazine via Coco and Kelley

I feel certain if I went that busy on my bed, I’d become a jittery crankenstein within a few weeks.  If I go with a pattern, maybe it would be best to design my own?

Besides…as fall approaches, I’ll go back to wanting furry goodness…like Rachel.

photo via Apartment Therapy/ Rachel Zoe’s house

And those Missoni sheets too…I still really love it.

More pillow/boxspring covering…..

Image via Design Crisis


Image via Nuevo Estilo

More tidy pillow hiding….with fur.

Last winter, I tried to find a faux furry throw matching my existing one so I could sew them together to recreate the above looks, but I never found it.

I am starting to think I should just head to Lowe’s/Home Depot and pick up a dropcloth or two and hide my pillows and box springs without breaking the bank.  I need mulch anyway.

Hmmmm….I’ll rearrange some furniture and mull this over…..