Halloween Playlist

Looks like Goop and I have something in common this week! I’ve been putting together a playlist for the Haunted Forest that adults can listen to without having to grit their teeth.  For me, that means no Monster Mash, Dead Man’s Party, or Thriller.  All great choices, but I’m so tired of them this time of year.  I did throw in a couple of other tried and true givens, but they raise my hackles a bit less than the others.  We plan to have the music playing from the treehouse while they make their way on the trail through the forest.

I might have to get rid of The Gnarls Barkley song since at the VERY end there’s a brief mention of head…sigh.

This is one of my favorites on here…I’m a Siouxsie Sioux fan from waaay back and I miss my old cassettes.


And finally, the song in question…..


UPDATE:  We ended up using a mix of spooky sounds (wolves howling, door creaks etc…) for the forest and played the music mix inside the house.