Flea Market

The flea was a fun morning out yesterday…chilly, and lots of the usual vendors weren’t there, but there were certainly enough to make it worth the trip.  This is my first flea without the DSLR, and I must admit that taking a break from lugging that thing is nice.

Those elves set off my coulrophobia. No. Can. Do.

How do you say, ah yes…Lèche?

I really, really loved this rattan and leather goodness.  Only $65!

Jesus in the egg plates…there’s a country song in there somewhere.

OK, so funny/creepy story about these chairs…kind of.  I was admiring them and considering dragging them home, (in order to ensure my holiday would be a lonely, sad place as the CC would pack up and leave me if I did such a thing right now) when this older gentleman came up to me and asked what I liked about them.  He wanted to know what “young people” look for these days.

Clearly this man hasn’t been to his eye doctor in awhile, since I don’t fall into that category by about 15-20 years.  I set him straight and chatted with him a bit, when my senses, dulled by the flattery, missed the cue that this story he was starting was going to be loooooong.  Mid story, he wiped his nose and an enormous booger appeared, and just sat on the end of his nose like a gargoyle on Notre Dame.

As the story of the table restoration dragged on, it was ALL I COULD SEE, obvs, thank you big sunglasses.  I kept listening for some sort of break in the story to make my escape, but I didn’t want to be rude…it’s the holidays!  Finally, he was winding down and before he could continue I made my parting comments and wished him well, when he started following me and asking what else the “young people” like!  Dude..really?!

I shouted over my shoulder as I scurried away “I already TOLD you…HAPPY HOLIDAYS!” and sprinted into the next building I could find.  Now I’ll have to be on the lookout for the Boogeyman every time I hit the flea.  Good Times.