Good Stuff

I don’t talk about products all that much anymore, but some things are just too good and can’t be kept to yourself-that would be selfish and mean.  I’ve been under the weather with a sinus thing and the ONLY thing that has made me feel better in the morning is a steamy hot shower with this guy:

You thought I was going to show a picture of the Old Spice dude didn’t you?!  Filthy pigs.

The steam of a shower helps congestion anyway, but spritzing this stuff into the nozzle turns the whole thing into a eucalyptus miracle.  We’ve been using this spray for a couple of years, and the whole family cracks it out at the first sign of the sniffles. The label says you can spray it in a room, but it may damage your furniture…whatevs, who needs that?!  Keep it in your bathroom and thank me later.

Happy cold season everyone!