Ruh Roh!

Um, I think I have had a major relapse. Look what the Cruel Craigslist forced on me. I had no control. NONE. Things are a bit crowded in the living room right now.

Pics brought to you by my phone because it’s a wreck in here, so let’s not crisp up every detail of the chaos, K?


Otto has already tried to lay claim to the one he’s sniffing up there.

It’s covered in some sad, smelly microfiber nonsense, but I think they will look a little Wearstleresque in this….

He’s sad because he knows when the new fabric goes on, there might not be a place for him up there.  We’re going to try and do this ourselves. The loose structure of the top cushions made it seem like a good choice for our first fully upholstered project. We’ll see. It could go really badly, but we’ll never get the hang of this unless we get in there. Nervous, but excited.