Q & A

Hey guys, I know I’ve been very lame and MIA. I’m annoyed with me too. I haven’t even downloaded the pics off my camera from Maine, so yeah, I’m a deadbeat.

In my meager defense, I have volunteered to be webmaster for both Thing One’s school, and our local community pool, and between those two (and this being the first full week of school) by the time I finish that work, I want to run far away from the computer. Things will settle down soon, and I’ll get back to the business of oversharing stuff no one cares about, I promise. Teaser: I think we’ll be starting to redo the half bath very soon!!!

To hold you over, I am featured over at Life À la Mode by the fabulous Tabbulous, Tabitha Tune. This girl knows her food as well as she knows social media, and I always learn something cool from her culinary adventures.

Click here to see what I had to say about learning how to be a successful thrifter/renovator. Thanks for having me Tabitha!