Road to Hell Series: Brass Owl Nutcracker

So, while most of us would never want to admit we’ve been anything but generous and selfless stalwarts of society, reeking of rainbows and unicorns, there is also that pesky thing called reality.

Something less selfless happened today that is a semi-regular occurrence.  I feel the shame, but I still do the deed…again and again.

I go vintage shopping to find something great and unique for a specific person. I buy said something. I cannot give it away.  NOTE: This only happens with vintage finds. If there is something new I’m buying for someone else, rare angst.  I know I can get one myself should I decide I want to pursue it.  Eccentric vintage modern fabulousness? WAY harder.

It gets worse.

Then, to ease my guilt, I end up buying something a wee bit more extravagant for the giftee, as some bizarre rationalization for keeping something they never even knew about. WHO AM I?!

So, all that to say, I am starting a series called the Road to Hell, so I can show which items have made me such a selfish, greedy lost cause. Because, as the saying goes;  The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

We’ll start with today’s transgression. A brass owl nutcracker, found at the new and improved Old Made Good. For all those nuts I crack.

Modfrugal vintage brass nutcracker

Modfrugal vintage brass nutcracker

Modfrugal vintage brass nutcracker


Yes, he’s missing an eye (sound familiar?)

So, go on, admit it…what is your favorite “gift” that never made it to the intended recipient?